Press release of September 19, 2021

The New Free France was formed in April 2020 following the Chinese Communist Party’s biological attack on our country (and the rest of the world), having plunged it into communism, with the collaboration of the French state which bowed down to the enemy instead of fighting.

Our patriotic movement is part of the heritage of the eternal France embodied with glory and honor by the French Resistance led by General de Gaulle and Jean Moulin, who continued the fight against the occupier, until his departure from our country, and the fall of the regime that had collaborated with him.

On this September 19, 2021, a year and a half after the declaration of war by the CCP, the New Free France takes note of the decision of the main representatives of the free world, namely the United States, England and Australia, to have cancelled the contract they had nevertheless signed with the French state in 2016 in order to be delivered 12 submarines, and to form a new alliance named AUKUS.

Australia and its allies thus informed the world that the French state was not a reliable ally, at all levels. The deadline for delivery was not met (18 months late). The price was not respected (almost doubled). And above all the French State, having persevered since 2016 in its collaboration with Communist China, which has meanwhile become the mortal enemy of Australia and the free world, the armaments delivered by the French State are no longer secure but become highly compromised by the enemy.

Just like the destruction by England of the French fleet stationed at Mers-el-Kébir from July 3rd to 6th, 1940 (1), it is with sadness but determination that the New Free France declares that this decision of the AUKUS was the right one for the interest of France and the free world, and against the interests of the enemy. The enemy, by the way, is furious about this decision, which proves it was the right decision.

Anything that weakens the collaborationist French state is good for France, anything that weakens the Chinese communist enemy and its allies is good for France and for the world. In this new world war which has not yet officially said its name, but which everyone understands better and better each day, a decision like the one Australia has just taken has the merit of making the greatest number of people understand that we are at war, and that the French State is not on the side of the free world, once again, alas, as in 1940.

The New Free France will always be on the side of the countries and peoples who defend fundamental freedoms, and against the countries and peoples who fight them. We invite every Frenchman and every Frenchwoman to choose his or her side, that of collaboration or that of resistance.

Long live the New Free France!


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