The New Free France has focused all his attention and energy on one action, called « PCC dégage » (meaning « CCP out ») which consists of having all 35 000 french cities and villages covered with at least one « CCP out » visual by may 2022, to compete with the fake presidential election. Fake because France is not a democraty anymore since the referendum in 2005 that was not respected.

On the site PCC dégage, you will see the progression of this operation, which main goals are :

1/ Compete with the fake elections

2/ Gather all french Resistants against CCP and their collaborators

3/ Inform the French people of the occupation of France by the CCP

4/ Allow them to fight back in a legalistic and non-violent manner

5/ Aim high and claim victory after victory, then next to the more ambitious operation

6/ Show the world that there is a New Free France who is fighting back against the enemy

7/ Inspire the rest of the world to do the same

On September 19th, 2021, in 3 months, almost 300 french cities had been covered with « CCP out » visuals. We are on target for reaching 35 000 cities by may 2022.

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