The New Free France is an anti-Marxist political movement with clear proposals, the aim of which is to peacefully replace the Marxist political class that has occupied the country for decades. We see democracy as locked down by the parties in power and therefore our aim is not to run for office but to come together so that we are ready to replace decadent power as soon as it falls.

The French people who join this movement do so on the basis of ideas, not the people who compose it. No matter who rallies it, they are committed to putting their particular ideas after the 10 main ideas of New Free France. Here are these 10 ideas:

1. New Free France designates Communist China and its collaborators as the main enemy of our homeland, accuses it of being responsible for the deaths and the economic and moral damage of the pandemic, and requires it to pay all the direct and indirect costs of the pandemic in France as calculated by the best experts.

2. New Free France joins the coalition of countries united around the United States in the war against the Chinese Communist Party until the latter falls and is replaced by the New Chinese Federal State promoted by dissident Miles Guo.

3. The New Free France considers Marxism in all its forms as totalitarian in the same way as Nazism, and intends to clean up the ideological mess vis-à-vis this cancer which has destroyed our country for too long.

4. Once in power, New Free France will drastically reduce the weight of the State: exit from the European Union (Frexit), abolition of civil servant status, dismissal of one in two civil servants and training to enter the labor market, elimination of family allowances, simplification of the labor code, abolition of subsidies to the media and to politicized associations (including unions), religious or in competition with the private sector.

5. Once in power, New Free France will abolish the compulsory nature of National Education, and will implement the education voucher to reimburse parents who have put their child in private or who have chosen home school.

6. Once in power, New Free France will abolish the compulsory nature of state pension, and will generalize the funded pension for those who wish it, like what already exists for civil servants today (Préfon Retraite).

7. Once in power, New Free France will remove the compulsory nature of Social Security, and will allow those who wish to subscribe to the health insurance of their choice.

8. Once in power, New Free France will put in place the French equivalent of the American 1st Amendment, which enabled in particular the Internet from which we all benefit.

9. Once in power New Free France will implement the French equivalent of the American 2nd Amendment which allows the weak, women and all decent people to defend themselves.

10. Once in power New Free France will abolish ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration), the Social and Economic Council, 3/4 of the posts in the Parliament, and hundreds of other useless committees. New Free France will also reduce the Labor Code and the Tax Code by 9/10.

These measures will naturally cut all taxes (direct and indirect) by half, lower debt, lower unemployment, increase growth, increase purchasing power and wages.

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